How Coupons Helped Me Secure New Clients for My Service

coupons1When I see terms such as Coupons or Promo Codes my hearts skips a beat. Well, probably you may be thinking why some coupons would make me do this. I remember it as if it was yesterday when I finally managed to secure a slot at the local shopping mall. The management had finally (though with much persuasion) agreed to let me host a stand on one of the designated slots. To me this was a big step in the right direction as I had the opportunity to convince the public to invest in my rug and carpet cleaning services.

So, naturally, I had to make my services public. I mean, people had to know that my cleaning firm actually existed. (Yes, it had taken me a few years to finally make the bold step). The first step was to invest in some form of advertising and promotion (cheap ones in this case considering that I was on a tight budget). What I had in mind was using flyers and brochures to expose my services and reach out to the public. But, after looking around I was convinced that my dream would come crushing down sooner-rather-than-later. The print services and products were either not very effective or were a bit costly.

Print Place Saves the Day

Remember, if I managed to secure a few orders, I had to offer my services right away. “Should I let go of my spot at the mall, or should I sink deeper in debt?” These questions constantly clouded my mind. Then one sunny afternoon I met Sam who seemed to be doing pretty well. The last I checked he was working for some sort of marketing firm. While having cheap talk my tongue slipped and I blurted out about my soon-to-fail-launch. All he did was look at me and hand over me a stunning business card. I must say I would have loved to be the one dishing out the card. Then he told me about an online printing service by the name

What I Found out About Print Place

Even before our conversation was over I was already checking out their site. To tell you the truth I was awe-struck by the wide range of products they had. Talk about flyers, business cards, calendars, brochures, door hangers, booklets, invitations, and more. The company specialized in online digital and offset printing services that were suitable for individuals, small businesses, large companies, corporate firms and many others. Revelations from Print Place Reviews indicated that the online printing service had been in the market for many years and was one of the top firms in the region.

Their helpful staff members offered satisfactory answers to every question I asked. Thereafter, they helped me choose designs and templates for my brochures and flyers which were delivered to me in a very short time. Not only did I get some stunning products but also had access to PrintPlace Promo Codes which meant I could save money on every purchase. I did my own research and found a few coupon sites including retailmenot to find the products as well as coupons. Thanks to, I finally secured a few customers and am always getting new queries!